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LIFE is dive mission
We unite the community of divers around the world
One of our key points is to provide diving instructors the opportunities for income and personal development. At some point not only your diving instructing but also your expert advice should bring you profit.
Join the community, extend the horizons and make profit.
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Create a profile on and become a member of one of the biggest diving communities.
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Share your qualifications and experiences. Tell people more about you, your achievements and interests.
Use the power of networking
Life is Dive community includes divers and dive centers so you get an access both to direct clients and career opportunities.
at all steps
Our team is always glad to help you with technical issues and personal development.
You get your benefits every time your divers book with us.
How it works
After you get your personal link and share with your divers the system updates automatically and you start earning your bonuses.
Crystal clear
You can see the amount of your commission right at your account.
WINWIN logics
The more people you invite, the more they book, the more money you get. Happy clients. Happy instructor.
When you have a loyal audience, use Life is Dive as a tool to consult them and organize group tours.
Keep in touch
Streamline your communication with clients. Stay in contact with your divers without numerous messengers or email boxes.
Make a perfect match
Life is Dive advantage is that all is in one place – make your clients find the dive center they will love and get your reward.
Ease they will love
When your clients pick their next destination they can book right on No complexity or card authorization. They book online, pay on site and afterwards you get your interest.
Break the limits
It's not a problem anymore to organize a trip for a diving party now. Even if your clients are from different parts of the world, using Life is Dive you can bring them together for an exceptional diving experience.
Grow up as instructor with Life is Dive and make the community follow you.
Let's build your personal brand
Cooperation with Life is Dive gives you not only direct profit but also PR facilities for your career.
Together we are
much stronger
When you are a part of big community people feel more confidence to you. As a member you can use Life is Dive logo for your personal website or social networks.
Word of mouth marketing
Use the reviews service as an instrument for promotion. People tend to trust others' experience. When your work is flawless everyone should know about it!
for glory
Extend your audience using the networking instruments. Take part in the life of the community – write the reviews, answer the questions and help less experienced divers. They will appreciate your help.
Easily book your diving online.
Our mission is to unite divers and dive centers from around the globe and open the world of diving to anyone.