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Sao Tome and Principe

What to see in Sao Tome and Principe? Obo National Park; Fort São Sebastião; Monte Café; Lagoa Azul; Sete Pedras; Bone de Joquei; Pedra Gale; and Jockey Cap Island.

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The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is an island country in Central Africa, located on the eponymous archipelago in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Africa. The state consists of two islands of volcanic origin - Sao Tome and Principe, located at a distance of 140 km from each other, and six smaller islands. Sao Tome and Principe is the smallest Portuguese-speaking country in the world. The capital of the state is Sao Tome. The official language is Portuguese.

The national currency is the Dobra. You can exchange money at outdoor exchange stands in the capital city or at the hotel. Credit cards are accepted in big cities, but it is highly recommended to have enough cash with you.

The terrain of the country is rather mountainous, as the islands are a part of a chain of extinct volcanoes. The climate is tropical with high humidity and the average temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius.

In Sao Tome and Principe you have an opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature, uncrowded beaches, abundant wildlife and relaxed pace of life.

In the city of Sao Tome you will see lush green parks and colorful colonial mansions, preserved quite well since Portuguese rule.

Nature lovers will undoubtedly like Obo National Park, where you can watch wild birds, see gorgeous orchids and a picturesque waterfall and climb Pico de Sao Tome, whose height is more than 2 thousand meters.

Those who are fond of history should visit Fort São Sebastião, which was built in 1575 and now is functioning as a national museum.

You will like tranquil and romantic beaches of Principe, offering lots of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and diving; and beautiful plantations of Sao Tome and Principe, the atmosphere of which bring you to colonial times. One of the most popular plantations is Monte Café, where you can visit a coffee museum.


São Tomé International Airport (TMS) is the main international airport in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Diving in Sao Tome and Principe

This small island country has all the conditions for fascinating diving: perfect water visibility, abundant marine life, plenty of various corals and fancy volcanic formations.

Off Sao Tome you will find the following dive sites:

Lagoa Azul, suitable for all levels, where you will find picturesque underwater rocks and corals, teeming with butterfly fish, morays, red carps and soldier fish;

Diogo Vaz, where you can meet rock fish and large brown, yellow and red gorgons;

Sao Miguel – 2 islets, featuring rich fauna, which includes sharks and turtles;

Sete Pedras, a group of rocks with crystal-clear water, coral reef and large fish;

In Kia you will find lots of morays, rock fish, sharks and red carps.

The waters of Principe are also good for diving.

In Pedras Tinhosas you can dive near large vertical rocks accompanied by sand sharks, hammer sharks and king fish.

Bone de Joquei boasts steep walls and massive rocks inhabited by red carps and sand sharks.

Pedra Gale is said to be one of the best dive sites of Principe for its picturesque corals and great variety of marine species.

Near Jockey Cap Island you will meet barracudas, trigger fish, parrot fish and sometimes turtles.