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Stavropoleos and Krotsulesku monasteries in Bucharest; the remains of the military destroyer "Moscow" and the Soviet submarine “Щ-213” in the port of Constanta; Lake Belize with a submerged village on its bottom.

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Romania is a South-eastern European country, washed by the Black Sea from the south. The nearest neighbors are Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary and Moldova. Most of Romania’s territory features a great variety of thermal and mineral springs, as well as freshwater lakes and salinas, among which a special place is occupied by the Razelm lakes. The natural wealth of Romania combined with the Carpathian ski resorts and the gentle Black Sea coast makes the country a perfect tourist destination. The climate of the country belongs is temperate continental with the transition to moderate maritime.

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, founded in the 15th century, combines the traditional influences of East and West, which gives it a completely unique flavor. It is worth seeing the Batanui Palace, the former residence of the Transylvanian princes; the majestic Patriarchal Cathedral of the 17th century; the picturesque St. Aaron Church; the old St George Cathedral; Stavropoleos and Krotsulesku monasteries and ancient monastic buildings Antim, Plumbuita and Mihai Voda.

Connoisseurs of culture can take a tour of the Village Museum and the Art Museum, while those who are fond of natural monuments will undoubtedly like the Botanical Garden and the scenic parks such as Chizhmidzhiu and Parcul Carol.

In the capital do not miss the chance to see the "city within a city" – the Old Bucharest, where there are a lot of exquisite architectural monuments. The most popular attractions include Cotroceni Palace, Konstakudilo, the Palace of Justice and the Royal Palace, as well as a real caravanserai Hanul lui Manuc and the grandiose Palace of the Parliament, the world’s second largest palace (after the legendary Pantheon).

One of the most visited places is the local history museum in the city of Alba Iulia, which has a rich exposition of antiquities. It is here the mysterious Terteriyskie letters were found. In Alba Iulia it is worth seeing such architectural monuments as the oldest Romanian Museum of the 18th century and the Cathedral, founded in the 2nd century and rebuilt in the Gothic style in the 15th century. In Dacia, the ancient valley of the Danube you will find many ancient cultural monuments, which make it a rather interesting destination.

The national currency is the Romanian leu

International airports in Romania

• Arad International Airport (ARW), Arad
• Baia Mare Airport (BAY), Baia Mare
• Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (BBU), Bucharest
• Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP), Bucharest
• Transylvania International Airport (TGM), Targu-Mures
• Traian Vuia International Airport (TSR)
• Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport (CLJ), Cluj-Napoca
• Craiova International Airport (CRA), Craiova
• Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport (CND), Constanta
• Oradea International Airport (OMR), Oradea
• Satu Mare International Airport (SUJ), Satu Mare
• Sibiu International Airport (SBZ), Sibiu
• Stefan cel Mare International airport (SCV), Suceava
• Iasi International Airport (IAS), Iasi

Diving in Romania

Romania provides very good opportunities deep-water diving. In this country you can experience not only familiar traditional diving in the waters of the Black Sea, characterized by rich marine flora and fauna, but also specific freshwater diving in Romanian lakes, featuring fairly low water temperature and high transparency of water. The combination of such dissimilar ways of diving attract to Romania an impressive number of divers.

The most popular place for diving is located on the south coast of the Black Sea, all the beaches of which have the EU Blue Flag, which means that they fully meet European quality standards and are able to satisfy any diver. Deep-water diving in the coastal waters of the Black Sea, which are characterized by the absence of dangerous critters and unpredictable currents will bring peace and tranquility to a diver's rebellious heart. Here you can enjoy all the delights of relaxed thoughtful diving and leisurely watch such inhabitants of the deep sea as crabs, clams, jellyfish, sea horses and dolphins. Underwater visibility is up to six meters.

Off the Black Sea coast there are several wrecks of particular interest. For example, in the port of Constanta you can see the remains of the once formidable military destroyer "Moscow", located at a depth of about 40 meters; and the flooded during the Second World Soviet submarine “Щ-213”, which is located at a depth of 30 meters in ten kilometers from the Romanian coast.

Connoisseurs of freshwater diving like Lake Belize, spontaneously appeared after the dam construction. Earlier, on the site of the lake there was a village with an old chapel, which was flooded to create a dam. Now only the tip of that chapel can be seen in the lake. Visibility of water in Belize is quite good, even according to the most experienced divers, and reaches approximately 15 meters. However, the water temperature is low, even in summer.

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