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What to see in Pakistan? Neelam Valley; Badhshahi Mosque; the Minar e Pakistan; the marine park of Churna Island; turtles and corals of Astola Island; wrecks of the MV Abbasin and the Regal Sun.

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Pakistan, the full name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a state in South Asia, which is washed by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, and borders Iran to the south-west, Afghanistan to the north-west and north, China to the northeast and India to the east. The total area of the country comprises about 800 thousand square kilometers; the population is around 196 million people. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. The official languages are English and Urdu.

The national currency is the Pakistani rupee. Credit cards and travellers cheques are accepted in most shops and hotels. All major cities have ATMs. Money can be exchanged at banks, but remember that torn and dirty banknotes are rejected.

Pakistan's landscape is extremely diverse and includes coastal areas, glaciated mountains, plains, deserts, hills, plateaus and forests. The climate changes from tropical to temperate, while the coastal south has an arid climate. Pakistan is a country with rich historical heritage. Here you can find the tracks of the Harappan, Persian and other ancient civilizations. It is also a country of stunning landscapes, centuries-old cultural traditions and hospitable people.

Nature lovers will certainly like Neelam Valley with its gorgeous panoramic views, picturesque hills on the banks of the Neelam River, and lush green forests; the mountainous Hunza Valley; Shandur Pas where you can watch the annual polo festival; the vast turquoise Hanna Lake and Lake Saif Ul Malook, whose serene waters reflect the majestic snowcapped peaks.

Connoisseurs of architecture will find so much interesting in Pakistan: the world’s largest fort Rani Kot; Lahore Fort – a perfect example of the Muslim architecture; Badhshahi Mosque built in the 17th century; Mohen jo daro, which is said to be built in 2600 BC; Makli necropolis, where you can see unique inscriptions on the graves; Shah Jahan Mosque, which is a real work of art; and the Minar e Pakistan, combining Mughal and modern architecture, from the top of which you can see the city of Lahore.


Dera Ghazi Khan international Airport (DEA)

Faisalabad International Airport (LYP)

Gwadar International Airport (GWD)

Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ISB), located near Islamabad.

Jinnah International Airport (KHI) the largest international airport in Pakistan located in Karachi.

Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) situated near Lahore.

Multan International Airport (MUX)

Bacha Khan International Airport (PEW) serves the area of Peshawar

Quetta International Airport (UET)

Shaikh Zayed International Airport (RYK), located near Rahim Yar Khan.

Diving in Pakistan

Pakistan is a rather new diving destination that is why its dive sites are not crowded and the reefs are pristine.

In the marine park of Churna Island you will find abundant marine life and various types of coral reefs.

Off the uninhabited Astola Island there are gorgeous and practically untouched coral reefs teeming with different sea creatures. Also you can meet here green and hawksbill turtles.

Those who like wreck diving will be glad to explore the MV Abbasin, lying at a depth of 15 meters about 5 km from Karachi harbor breakwater; and the Regal Sun wreck situated 20 meters deep and about 5 kilometers from Karachi breakwater.