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Dugongs in the national marine park of the Bazaruto Archipelago; coral reefs and lush mangrove forests in the Quirimbas Archipelago; mantas cleaning in Manta Reef.

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Mozambique, or the Republic of Mozambique, is a state in East Africa, a former Portuguese colony and an independent state since 1975. Mozambique is washed by the Indian Ocean on the east and borders Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia – to the northwest, Zimbabwe - to the west and Swaziland and South Africa - to the south. The total area of Mozambique comprises almost 802 thousand square kilometers; the population is 24 million people. The capital of the country is Maputo. The official language is Portuguese.

The terrain consists of a narrow coastline, inland hills and low plateaus, which then change into rugged highlands. The climate is tropical with two distinct seasons: the wet season lasts from October to March and the dry one continues from April to September.

The national currency is the Mozambican metical. You can exchange money at banks or bureaux de change. ATMs, where you can withdraw the local currency from your card, can be found throughout the country. Credit cards are widely accepted in Maputo, while outside the capital you can have problems with them.

Mozambique is one of the oldest countries in the world where peopleappeared about two million years ago. It is a country of amazing nature (both terrestrial and marine), ancient towns and gorgeous sand beaches.

The capital of the country, the picturesque Maputo, still preserving lots of examples of colonial architecture, is a good place for shopping and active nightlife. Being in the capital, do not miss the chance to visit Maputo Elephant Park, inhabited by leopards, jackals, antelope, flamingoes, crocodiles and hippos.

Other national parks, which attract to Mozambique lots of nature enthusiasts, are Quirimbas National Park, where you can enjoy beautiful marine life while snorkeling and diving; Marromeu National Park, home to buffalos and various birds; Niassa Reserve, boasting breathtaking sceneries and Gorongosa National Park, often called the best of the country’s reserves. You can go on safari or go hiking to plunge into the atmosphere of amazing wild nature.

Mozambique is an ideal destination for those who prefer lazy basking in the sun. There are plenty of perfect beaches here; the most popular of them are Ponta do Ouro, Chonguene, Malugane, Vilankulo, Inhambane in Tofo and Xai-Xai.


Maputo International Airport (MPM), also called Lourenço Marques Airport or Mavalane International Airport, is the main international airport of the country situated 3 kilometers from Maputo.

Diving in Mozambique

2,000-kilometer coastline, islands surrounded by pristine reefs and comfortably warm clear water all year round offer lots of opportunities for good diving. The plankton rich waters of Mozambique attract whale sharks and manta rays; moreover here you have a chance to see humpback whales migrating through the Mozambique Channel.

Near the Bazaruto Archipelago, consisting of five tropical islands, there is a national marine park where you can find about 2 thousand fish species and a very rare mammal, sea cow or Dugong. In the lakes and pools of the islands you can also see Nile crocodiles and marine turtles.

Off the Quirimbas Archipelago there is Primeiras and Segundas Marine Protected Area, the largest one in Africa, where you can admire bright coral reefs and lush mangrove forests.

In the Maputo Protection Area you can see marine turtles and amazing reef ecosystems.

Manta Reef situated near Tofo is famous for interesting show of cleaning giant mantas by the local tropical fish: goldies, butterflyfish and cleaner wrasses.

In Kingfisher Reef, near Inhambane you will find great diversity of underwater fauna and flora, including plenty of tropical fish and many giant manta rays visiting cleaning stations.

Off Pemba there is the Gap, a picturesque wall dive, plunging up to 120 meters and beloved by big gorgonian fans and large fish.

In the waters of Ponta do Ouro you will find Doodles, a colorful long reef with small drop-offs, teeming with shrimp, turtles, snappers and boxfish; and Pinnacles, a deep reef where you can meet hammerhead sharks.

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