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Kale fortress, Old Bazaar, St. Spas Church in Skopje; Samouil’s fortress in Ohrid; Mavrovo and Galichica national parks; underwater archaeological treasures of Lake Ohrid.

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Macedonia is a country located in the central Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is bordered by Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania. The total area of the country is nearly 26 thousand square kilometers. The population is more than 2 million people. The country's capital is Skopje. The official language is Macedonian.

The national currency is the Macedonian denar. Though some purchases can be paid by euros, it’s better to have denars. You can exchange money in banks or exchange booths or use a card to get denars in an ATM.

Macedonia is a landlocked country, consisting of a central valley framed by mountain ranges. Macedonia’s climate is transitional from Mediterranean to continental.

Macedonia is a small country but it has many attractions.

On the territory of the country a lot of cultural monuments of antiquity and the Middle Ages have remained .In the capital, Skopje, you can see Kale fortress, Old Bazaar, St. Spas Church, Kurshumli An and many other things. In Ohrid, located on a shore of a beautiful lake, there is Samouil’s fortress and several amazing ancient churches.

For its fabulous nature Macedonia is often called the "country of lakes and mountains". Nature lovers will enjoy visiting national parks of Macedonia: Mavrovo, located on the slopes of Mount Korab; Pelister, an ideal place for hiking and climbing; and Galichica, that overlooks both large Macedonian lakes, Ohrid and Prespa. Gambler will be interested in the "Macedonian Las Vegas" – the Gevgelija region, where there are lots of five star hotels and casinos.

Alexander the Great Airport (SKP), Skopje

St.Paul the Apostle Airport" (OHD), Ohrid

Though Macedonia is a landlocked country, you can get an unforgettable diving experience in Lake Ohrid, which is often called a fresh-water sea of the country. The lake has the endemic forms of life, such as the Ohrid round sponge living at the depth of 35 meters. At the bottom of the lake you can find various archaeological treasures from IV millennia. The depth is 5-6 meters