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The castle of Vianden; the Mullerthal; historic Luxembourg City; Lac de la Haute-Sûre with Villa of Lultzhausen, bridge of Lultzhausen and the Ruins of Liefrange.

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Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe. Its nearest neighbours are Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. The area of the country is about 2,6 thousand square kilometers. There are three official languages there: English, French and Luxembourgish. The capital is Luxembourg. The national currency is the Euro.

The northern third of the country, sparsely populated, is covered with hills and low mountains; the southern two-thirds of Luxembourg are more diverse and consist of dense forests, low-lands and valleys.

The climate is oceanic with cool summers and mild winters.

Luxembourg is a perfect holiday destination for those who seek peace and tranquility. Rural idyll, old medieval castles, high level of service and comfort await you in this tiny state.Tourism in Luxembourg is an important part of the national economy. Nearly one million people visit the country every year.

Many of tourists traditionally start their visit to the country with the capital, the historic Luxembourg City. It is a beautiful "two-storey city", built on a rock with deep ravines and long bridges. Here you can see the Palace of the Grand Dukes, the impressing Adolphe Bridge, connecting the edges of a picturesque ravine; the City Hall, the church of San Michele, built in the 10th century. Connoisseurs of history will be interested in visiting Bock casemates, a system of underground tunnels, whose construction started in 1644. During the Second World War, many people found refuge there.

The most popular tourist attractions also include the medieval castle of Vianden and Echternach with its abbey. Nature lovers will like the Mullerthal with its rocky cliffs and the mountainous Oesling district in the Ardennes.

In the northernmost city of the Grand Duchy - Clervaux, located on River Clerve bank, you will see medieval Gothic architecture, picturesque buildings of the famous abbey and the ruins of the knight's castle with a tower.

In Vianden, situated along the banks of the Ur, you can visit the house where Victor Hugo lived. The house was turned into a museum and holds some things and books that belonged to the great Frenchman. To the west of Vianden, at a dizzy height above the valley of the Sur, there is the Burshed Castle, the largest castle in Luxembourg built in XI-XVI centuries.

Do not forget to visit the National Park Upper Sur and luxurious vineyards, located in the river valley. There you will get an excellent opportunity to participate in wine tastings.

To see all the sights of Luxembourg, you can go hiking or biking, or take a short trip along the main water artery of the country - the Moselle River

Luxembourg Findel Airport (LUX).

The most popular diving place is Lac de la Haute-Sûre, an artificial fresh-water lake situated in north-western Luxembourg. When the river was dammed to form the lake in the 1960s, some historic buildings were submerged, and now they are perfect diving sites. The lake has a U-shape, with a maximal depth of 30 meters, and is ideal for training. Along the lake there are several dives sites:

Villa of Lultzhausen. The ruins of the villa are truly fascinating. It is situated near the town’s castle, which was built in 927.

Stone bridge of Lultzhausen, located at a depth of 30 meters.

Stone bridge of Insenborn, a rather impressive historic bridge. Its height is about 10 meters and it is situated at 30-meters depth.

and the Ruins of Liefrange. You can explore the fascinating remains of the submerged village, which is now inhabited by some small fish and crayfish.