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Gorgeous museums and charming old souq of Kuwait City; archaeological treasures of Failaka Island; sea turtles and barracudas in Donkey Reef; coral colonies of Qaruh Island; and sand sharks of Five Mile Reef.

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Kuwait, officially the State of Kuwait, is a country situated in the northern part of Eastern Arabia. Kuwait is bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. From the east the country is washed by the Persian Gulf.The population of this Arab country is 4.1 million people; the total area is 17.8 thousand square kilometers. The capital of is Kuwait City. The official language is Arabic.

The national currency is the Kuwaiti dinar. Major credit cards are widely accepted. You can exchange money at the airport or at banks which are open from Sunday to Thursday or get the local currency in widespread ATMs.

Most of Kuwait’s territory is covered with deserts. The landscape is flat and hilly. The climate is continental with dry and hot summers and short warm winters. In summer there are dusty storms.

Kuwait is becoming more and more popular tourist destination. In this small but very rich country you will see picturesque islands inhabited by wild animals and birds, gorgeous beaches and archaeological finds from the ancient Greece, majestic skyscrapers and traditional oriental bazaars.

Kuwait City boasts many interesting museums: the Tareq Rajab Museum, containing collection of Islamic art; the National Museum, where you can see various ancient treasures; Al-Hashemi Marine Museum; the Maritime Museum, containing Kuwait’s seafaring heritage; the Popular Traditional Museum and many others.

Those who are fond of outdoor activities can go horse-riding, swimming on white-sand public beaches or boating along the Gulf Street.

Where else you can experience the atmosphere of the colorful and luxurious Orient as at its noisy and crowdy bazaar, striking by the rainbow of colours and flavours. At the old souq of Kuwait City you can buy delicacies, gold, local pearls and traditional cosmetics.

There is no need to remind you of the Kuwait Towers – you will inevitably see and admire this unofficial symbol of the country. You will be able to see the entire Kuwait City from the rotating viewing platform.

Connoisseurs of history will like Failaka Island, keeping lots of archaeological sites and ancient treasures since the Stone Age.

Kuwait International Airport (KWI), located 15.5 kilometers from Kuwait City.

Diving is rather popular kind of sport in Kuwait, which is not surprising in a country with such a long coastline and such a comfortable climate.

Off Khiran there is Donkey Reef, where you can see lots of crustaceans and various fish, as well as sea turtles and small barracudas. The depth here is only 6 meters.

In the waters of Maradim Island you will find beautiful table corals.

Off Qaruh Island there are picturesque coral colonies, inhabited by moray eels, trigger fish and surgeon fish.

Off Kubbar Island you will find abundant underwater flora and plenty of bright nudibranches.

To the south of Fahaheel there is Five Mile Reef, where you can see sand sharks and take up night diving.

Diving is possible all year round. The water temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius in summer and about 23 – in winter.