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Antigua and Barbuda

What to see in Antigua and Barbuda? Caribana festival; Fort James and St. John; Codrington Lagoon; Devil's Bridge; Cale-Shirley and Sunken Rock.

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Antigua and Barbuda is a state, lying on the three islands of the West Indies - Antigua, Barbuda and Redondo. The tropical climate, beaches with white sand, picturesque mountain peaks and the absence of severe storms due to the fact that the islands are surrounded by numerous coral reefs, make Antigua and Barbuda a true paradise.

Tourist center of the state is the largest of the three islands - Antigua. There are more than three hundred beaches, as well as many hotels and entertainment venues such as casinos and nightclubs. Here in the spring you can enjoy the annual yacht regatta and in august - the famous Carnival.

Barbuda is a completely coral island, whose nature is preserved in its pristine wild and mostly not developed. On Barbuda Caribana – a folklore festival, a picturesque tourist spectacle – is held. The area of the third island - uninhabited Redonda Park - is only one square kilometer.

The main attractions of Antigua are considered to be the National Museum, which is located in the capital of AntiguaSt. John's; Fort James and St. John. Those who wish to get acquainted with local history can visit British naval base, built in the 17th century, the career of the famous Admiral Nelson began, as well as the colonial fortifications in Falmouth Harbor and English Harbor in the south of Antigua. In the west of Barbuda there is Codrington Lagoon, famous for its caves and many species of sea birds. Devil's Bridge, the last obstacle in the way of runaway slaves to freedom and the ocean, has very sad reputation, which supports the undying interest of tourists.

The official currency of the state is the East Caribbean dollar, but the good old US dollar, credit cards and traveler's checks are no less widespread.

International Airport of Antigua and Barbuda is located 8 km. east of the capital and has one terminal. In addition to international flights, VK Bird provides flight connection with another local airport on the island of Barbuda - Codrington. You can leave the airport only by taxi - the buses do not go here. Also it is worth noting that leaving the country, all the tourists over twelve years are subjected to the fee, the amount of which is twenty dollars.

V. C. Bird International Airport (ANU)

Both islands are almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs and underwater rocks, which at one time was the cause of many shipwrecks. Misfortunes of sailors who found their last resting place near the coast of the West Indies turned into luck for modern divers, as for those who like exploring the deep sea there is nothing more interesting than old wrecks. Officially, diving at most of the protected reefs near the coast of Antigua is free. Offshore shoals, located in the south and east of Antigua and covering almost all the coast of Barbuda, provide excellent conditions for diving. The underwater world of the islands can be called truly outstanding - here you can see angelfish, parrot-fish, barracuda, wrasse, sea turtles and even dolphins. Lovers of "sharp experiences" will like to meet with nurse-sharks, which, although they are considered practically non-hazardous, can easily tickle even the most experienced divers. It is worth noting that despite the small depth of most dive areas, coral reefs of the islands are preserved almost intact, so their exploration will not disappoint any diver. The most popular diving areas are Cale-Shirley and Sunken Rock, as well as the southern coast of Antigua, all of them are fairly close to the coast.